New Shire Hall

Eyre Group  recently completed a 40 week  project, helping to create a sustainable future for Alconbury Civic Hub, now officially named New Shire Hall. Contracted to install the full M&E package for this new headquarters for Cambridge County Council, the team have supported R G Carter Cambridge to create an efficient, modern work space, in the most sustainable way possible.

To achieve this, the team have delivered a variety of services which have included works on lighting, air conditioning,  heating, access control, ventilation, solar and power internally and externally at the Hub. At the height of works, an 80 strong team of M&E operatives were working on the building with the Eyre’s project team.

The biggest challenge for us was the gradual curve of the building design, along with its open plan nature, the overall scale of the hub spanning a floor space of 3600m2, and the mechanical ventilation requirements required on a building with no opening windows.

Whilst these challenges tested the team, at the same time it was a project of opportunity, enabling us to showcase its expertise and skills in the installation of environmentally friendly M&E options, within areas such as lighting and heating, through the use of systems which help with energy and carbon reduction.

From our installation of intelligent lighting and a ‘new to market’ Hybrid AC system to helping set up solar power on the roof and an air source heat pump underground, the focus has been on long term sustainability of the Hub.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements made at New Shire Hall, an amazing showcase for the future of M&E in all community projects.


Here are two examples of M&E installations at New Shire Hall, and the benefit they play in reducing the impact on the environment and improving the wellbeing and comfort of its users.


  • Automatically controlled luminaries use presence detection and daylight sensing to affect the level of light provided. DALI dimming adjusts accordingly to create the best environment for the user.
  • This intelligent system significantly increases the lighting efficiency and energy conservation of the building, whilst also reducing the running costs of the facility.
  • A mix of Architectural, Halo, suspended linear lighting and external perimeter lights were fitted, with over 820 lights installed across the entire build


  • A Hybrid AC system was installed to help maintain the hub at a comfortable temperature at all times. It uses a balance of treated fresh air and the temperature of the building to automatically adapt the heating in individual zones.
  • The system can also test Co2 levels, increasing the level of fresh air if levels rise.
  • The fresh air used is pre-treated by the system creating an ‘eco circle of air’ through the Hub.
  • This hybrid system has removed the need for gas across the building.
Cambridgeshire County Council
Alconbury Weald, Cambridge
Main Contractor:
R G Carter Cambridge
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